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  1. 07 Feb

    Changing Lanes - Collison on merging lanes, who is at fault?

    Valeriani v Geissler & Anor. [2018] QSC 315 In October 2013, a motorcycle and vehicle were driving side by side in the same direction when they collided. As a result, the rider of the motorcycle (Plaintiff) made a personal injury claim. Why did the...

  2. 05 Feb

    To give way or not to give way...

    Brown v Daniels & Anor [2018] QSC 209 In February 2013, a collision occurred between two drivers just outside of Gladstone. One car (Defendant) was towing a horse float, and the other was a motorcycle (Plaintiff). The car approached a t-intersection...

  3. 01 Feb

    Negotiating your Conduct and Compensation Agreement: Never sign a “Standard” Agreement

    Why Underground Resources Matter If you have underground resources at your property, such as coal, minerals, petroleum, or coal seam gas, you may be approached by a resource company about gaining access to your land to extract these resources in exchange...

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  1. Professionals Seminar | Tuesday 26 February 2019

    Professionals Seminar |Tuesday 26 February 2019