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  1. 18 Apr

    6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Quit Your Job

    Leaving your job can be a minefield filled with questions and uncertainty, no matter what your reason/s for leaving may be or where you are in your career. You may ask yourself: Will it be worth it? Will you find something else? What happens if you hate...

  2. 17 Apr

    Onselling Electricity – Charging Without Being Shocked.

    WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS? Caravan park operators, body corporate managers, marinas, transportable home park, retirement living operators & professionals advising these businesses. Many small businesses supply electricity to their customers in connection...

  3. 16 Apr

    Rates and Charges: Getting It Right

    OVERVIEW Councils all over Queensland are in serious debt. For councils to continue to provide services and infrastructure to their communities, it is more important than ever for them to secure their income; which primarily comes from rates and charges....

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  1. Professionals Seminar | 2 May 2018

    Professionals Seminar | 2 May 2018