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  1. 23 Apr

    Calling all Directors... How much notice is required to hold a Directors’ Meeting?

    It’s easy for busy directors (particularly in smaller companies) not to follow the strict requirements of calling a board meeting. The risk of failing to meet the minimum notice terms may bring unintended consequences by invalidating decisions made...

  2. 18 Apr

    6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Quit Your Job

    Leaving your job can be a minefield filled with questions and uncertainty, no matter what your reason/s for leaving may be or where you are in your career. You may ask yourself: Will it be worth it? Will you find something else? What happens if you hate...

  3. 17 Apr

    Onselling Electricity – Charging Without Being Shocked.

    WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS? Caravan park operators, body corporate managers, marinas, transportable home park, retirement living operators & professionals advising these businesses. Many small businesses supply electricity to their customers in connection...

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  1. Professionals Seminar | 2 May 2018

    Professionals Seminar | 2 May 2018