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  1. 09 Jun

    How Will The 2021-22 Federal Budget Affect You?

    The Federal budget was announced on 11 May 2021. It is the Government’s second COVID-19 influenced budget and is focused on bringing Australia out of the impacts of COVID-19 rather than working towards ‘budget surpluses’. The...

  2. 26 May

    The SRC Report: Part 1 Rehabilitation Series: Decision Making Under s36 and 37

    ATHENA CAINS Welcome back to the SRC Report. I am Athena Cains, Principal at McInnes Wilson, and today I am joined by Sama Khan, an Associate in our team. Welcome to your first SRC Report Sama SAMA KHAN Thanks, Athena. It's a pleasure to be here....

  3. 13 May

    Cooking Up An Insurance Claim: Why Insurers Should Not Rely On Wilful Act Exclusions

    Cook v Sirius International Insurance Corporation Australia Branch [2020] NSWSC 1631 The NSW Supreme Court has found that an insurer was not in breach of insurance policy by declining indemnity in respect of loss that resulted from two fires deliberately...

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