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  1. 25 Feb

    Unfair child support assessment in place? Find out how to set it aside!

    Have you been assessed to pay child support to your former partner and don’t agree with the amount? Are your circumstances different to what was considered in the assessment? The Family Law team at McInnes Wilson Lawyers can help! WHAT YOU SHOULD...

  2. 20 Feb


    WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN AN INSURER GRANTS INDEMNITY “BASED ON KNOWN FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES” introduction Insurers may use this expression when, under pressure from the Broker or in trying to reassure their Insured, they grant indemnity on an...

  3. 18 Feb

    Contesting a will – what information do I need to disclose?

    You have decided to bring a Family Provision Application (FPA) to contest a will. So what information will you need to give your lawyer so they can assess and prepare your case? This article aims to give you an overview of the information an FPA applicant...

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  1. Professionals Network Seminar | Thursday 27th February 2020

    Professionals Network Seminar | Thursday 27th February 2020