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  1. 14 May

    COVID-19 and Your Rental Rights as a Student | In Partnership with Griffith University

    In a time of severe uncertainty, there is one thing that is certain – Australia’s younger generation is bearing the economic brunt of COVID-19. Synonymous with casual work, lower financial-security, and transient housing arrangements, the...

  2. 14 May

    COVID-19 and the Law: A Series of Unfolding Events

    Social distancing, rent relief and small business protections. These terms have suddenly become part of the daily media discourse as the nation’s Federal, State and Local Governments have been working in overdrive to navigate the nation through the...

  3. 07 May

    Plaintiff without credit awarded nothing

    Plaintiff deletes Instagram posts, didn’t know he needed to tell the truth when giving evidence Mr Kim took AAI Limited to Court for damages for injuries allegedly sustained as a result of not one but two motor vehicle accidents. His claim was...

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