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Recognising the critical part agri-business plays in the economic development of Australia, McInnes Wilson Lawyers has helped rural landholders and agribusiness owners for over 30 years grow and protect their agribusiness portfolios.

They recognise that Australia's primary producers, while focusing on the sustainable growth and development of livestock, also face compliance challenges and hefty regulations.

With McInnes Wilson Lawyers, you can focus on growing your business and leave their expert lawyers to focus on the rules and regulations of the industry. 


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For help with your agri-business needs

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For help with your agri-business needs

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McInnes Wilson Lawyers is extremely competent in assisting clients with any form of property, especially agricultural. They have a wealth of knowledge to aid Agri-businesses throughout any matter to help maintain their livelihood and success.

They understand the legal terms can get confusing. Their lawyers offer a step-by-step breakdown of your legal process so you can understand your situation and obligations clearly.

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For help with your agri-business needs