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Defending your reputation against damaging claims is a service McInnes Wilson Lawyers takes seriously.

Their lawyers set defined goals and deadlines with you to give you control over how much time and money is spent on your legal matters.

McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that legal terms can get confusing. Their lawyers offer a step-by-step breakdown of your legal process so you can understand your situation clearly when discussing the law.


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Who mcw Defamation lawyers can help

McInnes Wilson Lawyers represent private and corporate clients in matters of defamation. They will work with you to commence or defend any claims that may affect yourself, your business and the services you provide.



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For help with your DEFAMATION needs

How mcw DEFAMATION lawyers Can help you

Your or your business’s reputation may need protection sometimes. McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that. They are here to offer their services to protect your interests in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Crisis Management

In the event your personal or professional reputation is damaged, ensure you have a solid legal strategy in place to protect your interests.

Defamation Proceedings

If someone has made damaging claims about you or your business, make sure you take the right steps to protect your reputation.

Pre-Publication Advice On Reputational Risk

Avoid any unwanted claims with legal advice that focuses on protecting you or your business’s reputation.

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For help with your DEFAMATION needs

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