Make sure your business and its directors are protected with solid legal documents

mcw experts in commercial services

McInnes Wilson Lawyers utilises the firm’s related areas of practice to provide their clients with integrated legal advice.

Their lawyers set defined goals and deadlines with you to give you control over how much time and money is spent on your legal matters.

McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that legal terms can get confusing. Their lawyers offer a step-by-step breakdown of your legal process so you can understand your situation clearly when discussing the law.


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Who mcw commercial lawyers can help

McInnes Wilson Lawyers represent businesses across a range of commercial matters to ensure transactions run smoothly and successfully. They understand the importance of knowing your business's individual goals and values when assisting you in overcoming any obstacles.

Accountants and Financial Planners

Medium to Large Privately Owned Companies

Small to Medium Enterprises

Listed Companies

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For help with your commercial needs

How mcw commercial lawyers can help you

Each business and its environment is unique. McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that. They are here to offer their services to protect your business's interests in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mergers And Acquisitions

There are many components of sales and acquisitions. When dealing with these kinds of matters, make sure you have sound legal advice to defend your business interests.

Drafting Of Shareholders And Other Governance Documentation

Formally determining shares, duties, roles, and obligations can become confusing. Ensure the interests of your business and everyone involved is being preserved with reliable legal guidance.

License, Supply And Service Agreements

Creating, understanding and finalising these agreements can be time-consuming and complicated. Take the right steps to save time and money when dealing with these matters.

Structuring Advice

All businesses are unique. When deciding which type of business structure you wish to follow, make sure you have solid legal guidance that will protect your business's future.

Transactional And Corporate Commercial Work

Ensure you have an air-tight legal strategy to preserve your business interests when drafting and formalising agreements, contracts or transactions.

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For help with your commercial needs

mcw Commercial Lawyers

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Commercial Insights

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