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Capital Raising, Venture capital & Private Equity

McInnes Wilson Lawyers assist their clients in raising capital to deliver on their strategic objectives. The firm has experience with seed capital raisings, crowd-funding, Series A to D venture capital, private equity investment and IPOs. From their knowledge of the regulatory frameworks governing each of these options and their network of high net-worth investors, venture capital firms, family offices, fund managers, private equity firms and stockbrokers, McInnes Wilson is well-positioned to assist clients in assessing their options and securing capital.

McInnes Wilson lawyers have experience advising companies in raising capital and investors in securing investment positions in target companies. Practice area Principal, Michael Fredericks, has practical executive experience as the founder and Managing Director of several listed and private growth technology companies, raising over $100M, listing a company on the ASX, and exiting several technology companies whilst experiencing first-hand the trials and tribulations of raising capital and traversing the equity capital markets.


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Who mcw Capital raising lawyers can help

McInnes Wilson Lawyers assist clients looking to grow and expand their business through advice on new and existing equity and private capital raising.

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How mcw capital raising lawyers can help you

Making sure your business continues to grow is one of the keys to success in the corporate world. McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that. They understand that for some businesses to be commercialised or expanded, sufficient raising of capital is essential. They are here to offer their services to protect your business's interests in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Capital Raising Alternatives

Capital raising is not the only solution to grow your business or get it started. Ensure you have a legal guide who understands your business interests.

Financial Services Licensing

Managing the relationships between all those involved in a business can be hard work. Ensure you have a legal guide who can help you navigate this structure.

Managed Investment Schemes

These schemes are highly beneficial to the investors involved as they allow access to assets they may not typically have. When getting involved, make sure you have a legal strategy that will protect your company's interests.

Private Equity

When making investment decisions, it is important to have legal advice that looks to minimise risk and preserve your business interests.

Public and Private Capital Raising

Take the right steps to grow your company's success with a legal guide that focuses on your business goals and interests.

Underwriting Agreements

Ensure you are creating and signing a document that looks to benefit the interests of your business as well as the other parties.

Preparing Information Memorandums & Prospectuses

The capital raising team provide comprehensive services for preparing Information Memorandums and Prospectus documents, which are crucial in facilitating business investments and fundraising activities. 

Shareholder Agreements & Governance

The capital raising team specialise in Shareholder Agreements and Governance, providing legal support to ensure that businesses operate smoothly and that stakeholders' interests are protected. 

Due Diligence & Data Room Preparation & Review

The capital raising team offer Due Diligence and Data Room Preparation and Review services, ensuring that clients have access to accurate and reliable information necessary for making informed business decisions.

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