The McInnes Wilson Lawyers Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Team has a distinguished partnership with Australia’s CTP Insurers in Queensland and other states for some 40 years.


Our dedicated team of Lawyers provides services to our client’s Australia wide.


Our team members are imminently experienced in all aspects of CTP claims involving:

  • Fraudulent claims investigation;
  • Meticulously assessing the claims for reserves and the appropriate settlement strategy and performing strategic audits of the suitability of reserve;
  • Risk prevention analysis and design of claims management systems information including implementation of settlement programs;
  • Catastrophic claims involving:
  • Complex medical conditions;
  • Analysis of elaborate factual matrix for liability determination;
  • Serious injuries of cognitive brain damage, amputation, burns, loss of sight/hearing, paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia and psychiatric conditions;
  • Committed to claims management process methods that focus on problem solving and compliance with statutory and corporate responsibility of claims resolution without recourse to judicial determination;
  • Assisting with rehabilitation solutions and treatment options for maximising injured claimant’s recovery with cost effective claims costs reduction;
  • Working in partnership with the insurer’s staff in providing open communication with accurate reporting and timely responses, with a team of Lawyers who deal with the claim from the beginning to end;
  • Offering guides/manuals, precedents and tailoring staff training for insurer’s staff;
  • Recoveries and prosecution for the insurers.