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Kimberley Barnes empowers clients with expert tax strategies, defining success in every transaction.

Kimberley Barnes is a highly skilled and accomplished Senior Associate, specialising in the taxation & revenue field within the corporate and commercial advisory division. With her extensive expertise and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of tax law, she provides exceptional legal services to both businesses and private clients. Kimberley’s commitment to her clients is unwavering and her tenacious, astute and dedicated work ethic sets her apart in the legal profession.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce, Kimberley’s accounting background thoroughly complements her legal acumen. Having been admitted as a lawyer in 2016, she possesses a wealth of experience, enabling her to navigate complex legal matters with precision and skill.

Kimberley’s meticulous attention to detail, combined with her strong analytical skills, ensures that her clients receive the highest level of representation and advice. She is dedicated to achieving favourable outcomes and exceeding expectations, earning her a reputation for excellence and reliability. 

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CAREER Information

Key Specialisations


  • Bachelor Of Laws and Commerce (Accounting), Griffith University

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Client Solutions

Property Investor
TAXATION & Revenue
Client problem

The client encountered complex tax ramifications while forging a development agreement with a developer, a situation that posed potential threats to the project's feasibility and financial outcomes.

outcome achieved

Kimberley provided professional expertise in developing strategies and negotiating terms within development agreements to secure advantageous tax treatments for the client, safeguarding their financial interest.

Property Owner
Taxation & Revenue
Client problem

The transition of property from company ownership to freehold land (non-strata) carried with it certain CGT implications, consequently paving the way for potential tax liabilities.

outcome achieved

Kimberley secured a private ruling from the ATO, utilising CGT rollover provisions to eliminate all CGT consequences on the transfer. This ensured a favourable outcome for the client. 

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