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Glen McAleese

Senior Associate Insurance | Brisbane
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Glen specialises in insurance litigation, in particular personal injuries claims in the public liability and compulsory third party areas.

Glen has nearly 14 years post qualification experience advising insurers and plaintiff’s alike on all issues (including indemnity, liability, quantum and statutory interpretation) involving claims with respect to the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 and Civil Liability Act 2003. Glen acts on matters on behalf of clients from beginning to end, including advocating their interests at mediation and at trial and other Court appearances where necessary.  Recently Glen was involved with the case of George v Morgan & Anor [2016] QDC 52, in which judgment was found in favour of the defendant client. 

Glen's Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Queensland
  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

Glen's Expertise

  • Public liability
  • Compulsory third party areas
  • Indemnity
  • Liability
  • Quantum and statutory interpretation

Glen's Leadership

  • Member,  Australian Insurance Law Association
  • Member, Queensland Law Society

Glen's recent publications

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  1. Reconciling physical evidence and witness observations – The importance of consistency

    30 Oct 2019

    AAI Limited v Atkinson. [2019] QCA 228 In September 2012, there was a collision between the Plaintiff and Defendant drivers’ vehicles. The Defendant driver was travelling along a roadway, with the origin of where the Plaintiff’s vehicle came...

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  2. Changing Lanes - Collison on merging lanes, who is at fault?

    07 Feb 2019

    Valeriani v Geissler & Anor. [2018] QSC 315 In October 2013, a motorcycle and vehicle were driving side by side in the same direction when they collided. As a result, the rider of the motorcycle (Plaintiff) made a personal injury claim. Why did the...

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  3. To give way or not to give way...

    05 Feb 2019

    Brown v Daniels & Anor [2018] QSC 209 In February 2013, a collision occurred between two drivers just outside of Gladstone. One car (Defendant) was towing a horse float, and the other was a motorcycle (Plaintiff). The car approached a t-intersection...

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