THURSDAY 1 March 2018
5.15PM - 6.30PM

Carbon Sequestration Projects – How to avoid a potential gold mine from becoming a black hole.

Is your client being promised the world by companies looking to profit from carbon storage on their land?

Is your client aware of the risks associated with assigning their rights to carbon credits?

Has your client considered the impact of future carbon related activities on the value of their land or business?

Brendan McGrath, specialist lawyer in Agribusiness/Commercial Law, will address the pitfalls to avoid when advising landowners dealing with carbon sequestration companies and long term projects.

Accountants and Advisors be warned, the Fair Work Ombudsman will be checking your advice.

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has been vocal in its advice to Accountants, Lawyers and HR professionals about its intention to explore the boundaries of the accessorial liability laws contained in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), in order to hold account those advisors giving incorrect or bad industrial advice.

This focus on advisors by the FWO has now led to the landmark 2017 decision of  FWO v Blue Impressions Pty Ltd & Ors, in which the Federal Circuit Court of Australia held an Australian accountancy firm liable for penalty for the underpayment of wages by one of its clients.

With the FWO clearly drawing a line in the sand, it is critical that Accountants, Lawyers and HR professionals understand their obligations to ensure they are assisting their clients to comply with all industrial laws, and the steps they should be taking to protect themselves in addition to their clients.

James Christensen, will guide you through gauntlet post-FWO v Blue Impressions Pty Ltd & Ors and provide you with the practical tips necessary to stay on the path.

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