Private client SYMPOSIUM

tuesday 30 JULY 2019 

7.45aM - 12.00PM


On behalf of McInnes Wilson Lawyers we are delighted to extend to you an invitation to attend our upcoming Private Client Symposium. 

Advisors wishing to further their knowledge, gain practical tips and obtain a better understanding of the issues affecting their clients, are encourage to attend. 

To register for the event, please click here.

7:45am Registration and breakfast
7:55am Welcome and introduction by Principal - Taryn Hartley

Chris Davis, Principal, Taxation & Structuring
Handing over the reins of the family business is never an easy process, and is often planned years in advance. Let Chris Davis, Principal and skilled taxation and commercial transactions advisor, give you practical guidance to preparing for this process, identify potential pitfalls and where to seek guidance.

8:45am Fred Smith, Principal, Elder Law & Estate Planning
With firms now offering ‘No Win, No Fee’ to challenge a deceased’s will on behalf of a beneficiary, it has never been easier, and more common place, for a client’s estate planning to be challenged and advisors need to be prepared for this to happen.

Listen to our estate planning and elder law partner, Fred Smith, talk you through techniques to protect your client’s estates and minimise challenges, and also how advisors can better protect themselves from their involvement in the estate planning process.
9:25am Short break 
9:35am Neal Dallas, Principal, Business Succession & Superannuation
“Yes [client], your structures are all in order, so long as no one dies, becomes disabled, is bankrupted or gets divorced”. How prepared are your clients for one of these scenarios to happen?

Neal Dallas, Principal and head of our business succession team, will help you identify the weaknesses in your private client’s structures and plan for life’s challenges.
10:15am Morning tea and refreshments served
10:35am Pierce Carstensen, Principal, Estate Planning & Family Law
Planning for relationship breakdowns are almost an unavoidable factor to consider in any estate plan, and it is becoming more difficult to protect a testator or beneficiaries assets from family law proceedings.  

Pierce Carstensen, Principal and family law specialist, will take you through some examples of when clients estate plans have come undone, and provide you with his top tips for protecting your client’s estate from family law proceedings.
11:20am Glenn Calligaris, Principal, Dispute Resolution 
With the government increasing the Australia Taxation Office’s budget and powers to investigate taxation matters, contact and investigations by the Australian Taxation Office is going to become more frequent and wider reaching than ever before. 

Our dispute resolution partner, Glenn Caligaris, will talk through how to manage interactions with the ATO, including:
  • Requests for information;
  • Garnishee notices;
  • Privilege issues;
  • Negotiating with the ATO;
  • Compromises; and 
  • Reviewing or appeal adverse decisions of the ATO
12:00pm Closing Remarks by Principal - Taryn Hartley
12:10pm Conclusion of session, light lunch and refreshments served