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McInnes Wilson Lawyers has acted for over 20 national and international underwriters. Their team has longstanding experience in the full suite of Financial Lines Insurance. They understand the importance of accurate reserving for insurers and early claims resolution.

Their lawyers set defined goals and deadlines with you to give you control over how much time and money is spent on your legal matters.


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Who mcw financial lines insurance lawyers can help

McInnes Wilson Lawyers represent claims managers and underwriters across all areas of claims management and insurance.


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For help with your financial lines insurance needs

How mcw FINANCIAL LINES INSURANCE lawyers can help you

The financial lines insurance market is impacted by constantly changing legislative reforms. McInnes Wilson Lawyers understand that. They are here to offer their services to protect your interests in a timely and cost-effective manner.

professional Indemnity Insurance

McInnes Wilson Lawyers are professionals and understand professionals. No professional enjoys allegations that they have breached their duties, and through market-leading experience, skill and knowledge, McInnes Wilson Lawyers can minimise the cost, stress, reputational harm and damages in connection with such claims. Their extensive experience extends to defence and coverage for all professions, including building and construction professionals, financial service providers, lawyers, doctors and trades.

Directors And Officers Insurance And Claims

It is essential to have solid legal support that is experienced in providing clear coverage advice and defence for matters regarding shareholder class actions, standard management, disclosure, tax, penalty, and employment claims.

Management Liability Insurance

Make sure you have a reliable legal team with extensive experience in management liability wordings and  who can defend any directors and officers' claims of crime, defamation, employment practices liability and statutory claims.

Employment Practice Liability

For small-value unfair dismissal claims in a costs-free jurisdiction, it is important to have experienced, strong lawyers who are able to resolve matters, where appropriate, early and economically. For larger claims, make sure you have sound legal assistance that knows when to be strong early to achieve the optimal outcome.

Financial Institutions

In this increasingly regulated area, ensure you are receiving sound legal assistance. They firm can assist with a full range of front and back-end services. They assist financial advisers, insurers, insurance brokers, trustees, funds management businesses, life companies and investment schemes on a wide range of matters, including coverage, risk mitigation, licensing issues, claims and dispute resolution, as well as regulatory matters and investigations.

Transactional Risk Insurance

Ensure you have lawyers with experience in warranty and indemnity claims, valuations, environmental insurance and litigation costs.

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For help with your financial lines insurance needs


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