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  1. 23 Mar

    Am I this Bloke’s Employer or Babysitter? – How to Navigate the Minefield of an Employer’s Duty to Employees in 2017

    iNTRODUCTION Regardless of whether you employ 5 or 5000 people, are fully insured or engage your workforce as contractors if you are held liable for a workplace accident it can be devastating for your business. You are looking at loss of morale,...

  2. 22 Mar

    Is it time to review your Enduring Power of Attorney? Changes to Enduring Power of Attorney legislation

    There are four categories of people who can make decisions for someone who has lost capacity. First, there are enduring attorneys appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney made by a person while they still have capacity. Second, there are guardians...

  3. 17 Mar

    Chronic Pain – Symptom or Disease

    Chronic pain is a term that is appearing more frequently in Commonwealth workers compensation claims. It is often not the first condition that an employee will suffer; more typically arising a year or two after an earlier physical condition has been...

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