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  1. 29 Nov

    What is a “reasonable” request for information under section 279 of the WCRA?

    The Queensland Court of Appeal has upheld a narrow view in relation to the scope of information required to be provided under section 279(1) of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the WCRA). On 25 November 2016, in Healy v Logan...

  2. 24 Nov

    Can a Worker seek Damages for "Rejected" Injuries?

    The Industrial Court of Queensland finds that Workers are not entitled to a "second bite of the cherry". On 24 November 2016, in Connor v Queensland Rail Ltd[1], President Martin of the Industrial Court of Queensland held that a worker cannot...

  3. 22 Nov

    Drink Driving vs Unsafe Overtaking – a decider of liability

    The case of Smith v Randall[1] illustrates that in cases where there are multiple factors contributing to a motor vehicle accident, the court will consider the weight of all those factors in determining the cause of the accident. What are the facts? On 21...

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