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  1. 24 Feb

    Metadata & Privacy: is your information protected?

    All modern communications involve metadata. Using the internet creates metadata. Interacting on social media creates metadata. Simply using your smartphone creates metadata. If someone were to compile all your metadata they would be able to draw a...

  2. 23 Feb

    How to build an empire

    Franchising as a business expansion method has a proven track record in Australia. If done properly and with care, it can be a great way for business owners to grow their brand. Importantly, the franchising process takes time and there are many different...

  3. 23 Feb

    You’ve got to look carefully at the street if you want to demolish a pre-1946 house in Brisbane

    Getting permission to demolish a traditional character house in Brisbane requires more than just an assessment of the subject house and its immediate neighbours. The visual character of the whole street will usually be relevant and is often crucial. This...

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