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  1. 30 Sep

    Additional State Taxes for Foreigners

    Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have all introduced new additional foreign investor duty in 2016. This means that foreign individuals, companies and trusts will be liable for additional duty on certain dutiable transactions relating to...

  2. 30 Sep

    Failure to notify of satisfaction of contractual conditions can give rise to unintended consequences

    Contracts often include conditions which must be satisfied before the contract comes into force or before completion of the contract can occur. These conditions may be for the benefit of one or more parties to the contract. A recent case highlighted the...

  3. 30 Sep

    Always consent in writing – appointment of company officeholders – tips for accountants and lawyers

    Before appointing company directors and/or secretaries a signed consent must always be obtained from the appointee. This may at times appear unnecessary, trivial or cause delays in the appointment, but it is a requirement of the Corporations Act. The...

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