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  1. 26 Aug

    Preventing Scams at Local Government Level

    In August 2016, a Queensland Council reported it had lost over $450,000 of ratepayers’ money to scammers. The Council made nine separate payments after being duped by scammers posing as one of their providers of professional services. The Council...

  2. 25 Aug

    Review of the model WHS Regulations for Diving Work: Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

    Safe Work Australia is reviewing the model WHS Regulations for diving work to ensure they improve safety without imposing an unnecessary compliance burden on diving operators. The Agency has produced a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) with...

  3. 24 Aug

    Court of Appeal Raises the Boom on Recklessness

    BACKGROUND In April 2015 the Queensland Supreme Court Trial Division awarded judgment in favour of the insurer, CGU, finding that damage to a crane owned by Matton Developments was not accidental and therefore excluded from coverage.[i] In rather unique...

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